The DOJ’s IG report: James Comey is a "MENTIROSO".

August 29, 2019

The DOJ’s IG report confirms what we have known all along…James Comey is a liar and leaker.


The incredibly damning report found that Comey violated FBI policies and set a “dangerous example” in order to “achieve a personally desired outcome.”



CNN Reports On “Damning” IG Report On Comey Violating FBI Polices




Maybe #lyinComey should have taken his own advice before releasing classified memos...

Jame Comey went on the defense





This is what President Trump had to say. 



This is not new information.  Comey continually “cross[ed] the line of professionalism” both as FBI director and after.




CNN: FBI Agents “Not Happy” About Comey’s Book, “Crosses The Line Of Professionalism” & Hurts FBI




For years, Democrats and the media have latched on to Comey’s firing as the basis for their obstruction witch hunt and baseless impeachment push. They have satisfied Comey’s never-ending search for the limelight, even promoting him with a town hall two years after he was fired.


It’s time for Democrats and the media to stop pretending Comey has any credibility. Democrats who continue to cite his firing as a basis for obstruction need to explain why they are defending a man who violated the trust of the American people for personal gain. 


Bottom Line: Comey should have been fired, and President Trump was right to do it.





"Defending the American Dream comes with a price but in the end it will be worth it" -Marco Gutierrez 



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