Trump Supporter Must Resign from Latino Org, Activists Demand

May 23, 2017

A coalition demands the CEO of a Philadelphia-based Latino organization resigns after appearing at a Trump rally.



Disappointment, anger and distrust are just a few of the emotions many in Philadelphia’s Latino population are feeling after seeing a nonprofit leader, who is said to have their best interest in heart, cheering on U.S. President Mr. Donald J. Trump at a Pennsylvania rally.


A coalition representing thousands of Philadelphians on Monday released a statement demanding the resignation of Mrs. Carolina Cabrera-DiGiorgio, an immigrant from Honduras who serves as the CEO of Congreso de Latinos Unidos, and who was in the audience earlier this month when Mr. Trump visited Harrisburg to play to his avid supporters.


Ms. Erika Almiron, Executive Director of Juntos, a Philadelphia-based immigrants’ rights organization, said Mrs. Cabrera-DiGiorgio – a registered republican who became CEO of the 14th largest Latino nonprofit in America at the beginning of 2017 – can’t love the people she represents if she willingly stood and applauded a man who criminalizes them.


The appearance of Mrs. Cabrera-DiGiorgio at the rally is said to have kicked off an uproar at both Congreso, a state-funded social service organization, and in the communities that the nonprofit services., who broke the story about the nonprofit leader at the rally, said employees of Congreso were “incensed” and quoted one worker as saying: “How could she be there when she is the CEO of an organization that is completely against almost everything that has come out of that man’s mouth, especially about the wall?”


Mrs. Cabrera-DiGiorgio, in a statement, said her personal politics aren’t connected to her work. But Mrs. Almiron, a vocal critic of the president, said Mrs. Cabrera-DiGiorgio can’t be the fighter the community needs, and a resister of the White House’s anti-immigrant policies, if she’s a fan, and a supporter, of Mr. Trump.


A petition has been launched – not by Ms. Almiron (or anyone in the coalition) though she’s promoting it – to apply public pressure on Mrs. Cabrera-DiGiorgio to resign. And the coalition – which includes The Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity and the Philadelphia Student Union – has signed onto a “Letter of No Faith.”


Ms. Almiron, for example, has no faith that Mrs. Cabrera-DiGiorgio will do anything to mitigate the “uptick in raids.” And the signers of the letter, which was sent on Monday to Congreso’s board members, questions whether she, after appearing to side with racist policies, can “lead an organization like Congreso and work to love all of its constituents.”


This isn’t just about her going to a political event,” said Ms. Almiron, “It’s about morality: How can you serve people that you have not demonstrated love towards?”



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