Latinos For Trump, Latina Magazine and Latino Rebels Finally Are In Agreement.

April 25, 2017

News Coverage of Latinos Down Amid Rise of Trump

"If you want to be a good shepherd you have to smell like sheep." -Unknown 


Despite the many disagreements between Latinos For Trump, Latino Rebels and Latina Magazine throughout the 2016 election, there is light at the end of the political tunnel for these Latinos to mix. These high profile Hispanic outreach organizations have agreed on this one issue 100%.  


YES, the issue at hand affecting Latinos in the USA is featured in the The Media Matters For America Analysis, and it shows that on cable news networks from January 1,2017 to March 31, 2017;


"white men make up an overwhelming percentage of guest appearances on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC's morning shows. The study found that black, Latino, Asian-American and Middle Eastern voices are critically underrepresented, and women make up only a quarter of guest appearances."


Our Co-founder Marco Gutierrez was cancelled from several scheduled appearances by the above MSM mentioned networks since January of this year. The most recent and mysterious one being Don Lemon with CNN Tonight

As much as I disagree with my intellectual brothers and sisters of the Spanish Mainstream Media and with the Hispanic subculture they have created in the USA, I have to say that Hispanics continue to be a tough "nut to crack." The MSM must be more inclusive and must work harder if they want to retain loyal Hispanic viewers under their circus tent.  


All major manufacturers in the USA know this.

The food industry, the housing industry, the automobile industry etc, etc. They have spent millions of dollars appealing to Hispanics' collective consciousness and Hispanics' better nature to successfully sell their products and services to Latinos.


Here in these articles:  


"Ever Since Trump Won, Morning News Shows Have Made Latinos Even More Invisible & Numbers Prove It" By Latino Rebels.  and "News Coverage of Latinos Down Amid Rise of Trump" by LATINA MAGAZINE. -It is corroborated, the very fact that Hispanics do not have equal access to MSM news outlets, to defend, rebuttal and/or refute the many issues affecting their communities at large in the USA. 


We the Latinos For Trump agree with the assessment of lack of coverage of Latinos in the MSM since January 1, 2017.


Marco Gutierrez spoke to BBC NEWS in their #TRUMP100 article. He also wrote in a blog for Latinos For Trump recently that: "For some reason the British media get it when it comes to Latinos in the USA. Europeans have a better understanding to diversity of thought than the American MSM, I think." 


As the founder of Latinos for Trump, Marco Gutierrez faced criticism from friends and family, but he remains a firm supporter of Donald Trump.









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