Coulter Vows To Speak At UC Berkeley Despite Event Cancellation

April 21, 2017

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — A scheduled appearance by conservative commentator and writer Ann Coulter at the University of California later this month has been canceled because of concerns about safety and security at the event.  





But Coulter tweeted on Wednesday that the speech would go on...  






Letter sent to UC-Berkeley this morning, demanding they abide by the 1st Amr.







The above letter is consistent with the manifestations and the fights you see on the streets against Trump-Supporters and our first amendment rights. The anti-fa wearing a mask behind a desk is no different then the ones  you see on the street. 


Please enjoy this clip that talks about faculty at  DVC  being one of the anti-fa hate operators fighting on the street. 





Marco Gutierrez 

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