Taco Bowl? I love Tacos!


  "The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!" - Trump


What is it like being Spanish and loving Trump? Well, I'll tell you... I am one of the 30% Latinos who voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 in California. I am a legal citizen, born and raised American, and love my country. Trump has worked to broaden his appeal to Hispanics, promising a better life if he’s president. And so far, He has done a fantastic job deporting illegal criminals back to Mexico. "Construir ese muro!" Build that wall-  Bringing jobs back! I myself am very proud of the progress and sticking to his promises. 

I jumped on the Trump train in June 2016 during elections. 


My family on my mothers side was very excited and they all supported Trump from the start. I don't talk much to my fathers side but my father is a Latino man who voted Trump. That's all the support I needed to start my new journey as a Latina for Trump. I went to local rally's and started my path of political views to get other citizens to vote for Trump. I did have many friends whom  disagreed but I stuck it out, meeting Marco Gutierrez; the founder of Latinos for Trump in Hollywood at a CNN rally. I knew right after speaking to him that he would be, not only a great friend but an awesome motivator for us Hispanics.  


It's a Trump Nation... no longer an illegal Nation!  

Deal with it, because Latinos for Trump is going to make California red again!


Denise Ruiz (Zamora) Blogger @ Latinos for Trump


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