BRUISES; BROKEN NOSES; LOST TEETH; M-80's & BURNING EYES. "Where the sound of democracy manifested itself in the midst of an unfair, unjust, and unconstitutional attack on our first amendment rights." -Marco Gutierrez

April 17, 2017

Dear Patriots across our great nation, I am grateful, humbled, and honored to have participated in the Berkeley #freedomrally. 


CLICK on the PIC to watch: Interview with Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez At Berkeley Followed by a Speech 



Gutierrez: "Freedom was never FREE! My bruised upper ARM from the ANTIFA thugs reminds me of that! The impact of the brick almost dislocated my right elbow."


CLICK on the PIC to watch the exact moment when I was hit by ANTIFA!


As I write the words of this blog. The pain of my upper arm close to my elbow reminds me the back and forth of the fight to defend our first amendment rights at the the Berkeley freedom of speech rally event a couple days ago. 


The type of the objects thrown at us by ANTIFA were with the intentions of ending someones life, nothing more. 




 CLICK on the above PIC to watch lived recorded video by Marco Gutierrez on the Citizens For Trump page.


It is like being inside of a war scene of the Forest Gump movie. Fighting an ongoing revolution for change. 


 Click on the pick to see the original Pic posted by Harim Uziel 


The battle camaraderie has brought high profile trump fighters and supporters together. We are people from all walks of life that would normally not mix. But it is our differences that make us powerful. in our devotion to fight for what is right.  We find strength with each other and give hope to those follow us . The fight must continue, see you all next time on the march. My #MAGA Family. 


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