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I continue to disagree with NBC over their interpretation of Latinos in the U.S.

After reading the news piece published by NBC News this morning. Opinion: The Border, ‘Filth’ and White Nationalism by by STEPHEN A. NUÑO.

I feel the necessity to strongly disagree with NBC's position in regards to Latinos in the USA . NBC along with TBS and MSNBC spent thousands of dollars in exclusive interviews to my persona to discredit the LatinosForTrump movement that led Donald J Trump to Office in November 8, 2016.

On or about April of 2016. This Jacob Rascon Under false pretenses and dishonest intentions came to my house in Discovery Bay CA. Jacob Rascon and his miscreants of NBC NEWS were to conduct a 4 hour initial interview to my persona and follow me to the San Jose rally the following Saturday. Unknown to me then. This interview was to be the beginning of a bigger story (s) that would unfold and finally be aired by TBS in The Samantha Bee Show along with MSNBC's segment with Marco Gutierrez simultaneously with in the week.

I have always told my critics that although I speak with an accent. I do not think with an accent at all. I might look stupid to some but I can assure you, I am not! Like Mr. Trump I have developed survival instincts in how to defend myself and what I have worked for in this life. I possess unique abilities, specific knowledge, and special techniques on how to communicate and help first generation immigrants integrate into our American culture successfully and in a more healthy way.

I played the game and I told NBC, TBS, and MSNBC what they wanted to hear. Their dirty tactics did cause some tension within our group but in the end we survived.

NBC never aired the initial interview in April but used my story and excerpts of it for the big piece on TBS and the strategic attack to LatinosForTrump interview on MSNBC that lead to my #tacotrucksoneverycorner comment.

The truth is out there! The strong-arm tactics by the left to turn Latinos against POTUS and against each other is not new to me. It has been there from the get-go of the presidential race 2016.

The fact is that we the LatinosFortrump do not see the Trump administration as a threat to Latinos in USA. Au contraire we think this is the biggest opportunity Latinos have had in decades. To bring forward to America the qualities that makes us who we genuinely are aside from the image that the left has imposed on us.

"Legal-Latinos" is the term that NBC has been looking for since Trump announced his candidacy. Latinos will finally have the opportunity to show America the qualities that set us apart form the chaos and despair of an overpopulated, underdeveloped, and undocumented third world subculture in decay.

The battle rages and here we are once more! Talking about the same thing! LEGAL IMMIGRATION v. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

We, the LEGAL immigrants to USA including but not limited to Latinos, do not concur with the ever dividing narrative of the LEFT through outlets like NBC and the rest of their very-fake-news brotherhood. We stand apart from Latinos that complicate, abuse, and confuse an easy immigration status concept.

Undocumented immigrants are not a race. It is a non-conforming legal status and it should be dealt with as such.

By Marco Gutierrez


#Latinosfortrump #tacotrucksoneverycorner #marcogutierrez

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